Lyrics to Clear
Clear Video:
Normally right now I'd be shaking
But I'm not even scared
Up 'til now I've been faking
And up 'til now I didn't care
But everything has changed

When the bandits left they left us nothing
There wasn't even water in the pipes
Is that what I get for being so trusting
I never even put up a fight

When I'm feeling strong, like I could make the grade
My heart goes off playing games
It fills me with fear until I look into your tears
Everything becomes clear

I see your lights on the horizon
I hear your engine in the wind
Have you come to take me riding
To places I have never been
Like El Paso way

And now you putter in the kitchen
The cat sleeps in puddles of sun
I count my stars and quit my bitchin'
'Cause I know we've just begun
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