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Stephen Lynch

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I get home late from work tonight
Baby my body's achin'
Cant stop thinkin bout you and me
And the love that we'll be makin

So i chill the champagne
Light a candle or two
(Baby all the things ill do to you)

I love you so much my little heart is breakin...

Lets make looooooove
Lets make looooooove
Your body fits me like a gloooooooove
So baby lets make loooooooove
(ooo baby lets make looove)

Aint nobody in the world
In love as we are
Makin love to you is like being inside a shooting star

Now im in so deep, baby we're groovin
(love that way your body's movin)
Then ill pull it out just a little bit too far
and i accidentally stick it in your butt hoooooooooole
stick it in your butt hooooooooole
I swear that wasnt my gooooooooal
To put it all up in your booty hoooooole

And i swear
(oh i swear)
Ill never do it again.....
Unless you kinda liked ittttt
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