Lyrics to Classic
Classic Video:
Aha, yeah, I know it's only one me,
Many of try,
If I want to be the queen of the street,
I'm just me, yeah
Classic, got that classic,
I only forgot to try,
... pen
And write the only thought of mine,
... just trying to figure it out,
It's so easy.

Classic, I'm so nut to average
Hook for... from the...
Top gun not one that I'm see... I
GGA only them see GI,
Cropped in photoshop, they're not in my telephone,
Who want to challenge, I'm on the way to,..
I'm not breath ain't,..
Flow low stop like,..
I'm actually, how should I put it
Let it... it,
It'a a village, a a... or,..
No tell... causious so tell,..
Since I took some time apart
When the last time you asked why,
They got me flow it in, pussy... all in it,
Follow in the,.. survive...
... dirty heavy, pump it that classic.

Classic, classic,
Open that classic
Classic, all day classic
I'm dig it, classic.

My dues told to...
Shut, shut them down

No flow...
Might blow the...
... heavy one they hope they pass it
This way just might have to...
... trying to be nice... this time to...
So classic, even my car it's historic
Classic,.. the rap who's...
I leave one drink....
Launched like...
Bring the game flying over sea too worried
Me and my... show up...
Telling them suck up their asses
About that bombastic, is digging in, in, pomp in that classic.

Classic, open that classic
Dig it that classic
I'm dig it
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