Lyrics to Class Act
Class Act Video:
How much power do we really have?/ And can we really change the world?/ United we can take it back but divided we fall/ No, we don't have a fucking chance when it's a free-for-all/ Don't be scared, look into their eyes/ Don't passively choke on their lies/ You're serving corporate sponsored fries/ This class war has been supersized/ Swiftly denied all chance to gain control...alienation/ We're only working so they can meet their goals...avarice/ How much power do they really have?/ And can they really keep us down?/ You're suckling at the corporate parent's breast ingesting "truth"/ Spit out the pacifier and let's organize the troops/ Even if we found real democracy there'd still be more to fight and the "free world" still won't be right 'til institutions come falling to their knees/ Their Black Friday will soon bleed red, skyscrapers razed, they'll all be dead because I've mustered the strength to raise my fist in the air and I'll fight 'til the day when we all can learn to share/ It's not over yet

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