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P. Diddy

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Lyrics to Claim My Place (feat. Avant)
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Sometimes I try to figure out Just why Why you are the way you are Diddy You ... You make it so hard for me to love you Claim Hold up now Listen ... I ain't gonna try to sit here and say I'm perfect My You know I mean ... I'm tryin' to do the best I can Place with my time here on earth You know ... You know my mother feat Mama always say that I'd be somebody You know So you know, I figured that I might as well be great Avant You know I mean, it's hard to understand how I am Songtexte Some shit you just don't really need to be mother fuckin' understanding though Songtext I mean God put me here for a reason And I'm here to let these mother fuckers know Lyrics I've come to claim my place I've come to claim my place Lyric I'll show you the way A lot of people don't understand Liedertexte They'll understand one day though I just like to make people feel good Liedertext I really feel I can do anything I really truly believe in God that way Alle So much that I believe in myself I guess I'm kinda like my father Diddy You know, Who had a relentless spirit You know He would stop at nothing to achieve his goal Claim You now nowadays A lot of these mother fuckers don't understand that My They gonna have to handle it Yeah, you feel me I've come to claim my place Place And I ain't gonna stop I ain't gonna never stop feat I thank y'all for ridin' with me Thank y'all for rockin' with me Avant through this journey It's just begun And I wanna take the time to say Songtexte Thank you Listen to everything he says I've come to claim my place Songtext I truly appreciate you And I love ya Ain't nothin' else to say Lyrics

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