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City Of DamnationDeep within these ruins is a city full of lifeA growing force surpassing all the poverty and strifeAn underground militia taking orders from but oneThe right to choose who lives or dies 'til senseless victories wonThe deadly prowlers are active through the nightTo seek their vengeance on others who will fightCan't see past the fact that they're fighting for their livesThe enemies seek liberation from something deep insideCity of damnation: aggression rules their livesCity of damnation: beckons them to dieCity of damnation: on a killing spreeCity of damnation: fighting endlesslyThey cannot lose the power of a never ending causeThey reach with fear at better things ignoring all the lawsThe street becomes a jungle and death attains respectThe bloody anger takes control and minds it does infectUnending struggle complicates with sheer determinationKilling friend, killing foe, fulfilled exterminationThey guard against the enemy to save the territoryA battle which results in death and takes away the gloryTrapped in streets of debris, they're masters at their tradeThe fury and the violence will never cease or fadeAlongside all their rivals, dead bodies prove their lossThey're really only rebels both fighting for one cause

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