Lyrics to City Lights
City Lights Video:
A bright array of city lights as far as I can see The Great White Way shines through the night for lonely guys like me The cabarets and honky tonks, their flashing signs invite A broken heart to lose itself in the glow of city lights. Lights that say "Forget her name in a glass of sherry wine" Lights that offer other girls for empty hearts like mine They paint a pretty picture of a world that's gay and bright But it's just a mask for loneliness behind those city lights. The world was dark ,and God made stars to brighten up the night But God who put the stars above I don't believe made those lights For it's just a place for men to cry when things don't turn out right Just a place to run away and hide behind those city lights. Lights that say "Forget her love in a different atmosphere" Lights that lure are nothing but a masquerade for tears They paint a pretty picture but my arms can't hold them tight And I just can say "I love you" to a street of city lights.

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