Lyrics to City Boy
City Boy Video:
smells like roadkill on the open grill
that love still pressing hard against your clumsy will
fire raging from a camera's flash
will turn your whole pretty life into smooth soft ash
did this just happen or did you do it
no one barges into your life you have to guide them to it
did this just happen or did you do it

out with the screaming cicadas
out where the night really lets you go
they thought you'd lost yourself, children tend to roam
they didnt know you had found your home

now the city floor stabs your feet
you'd like to melt all the concrete
baby, they'd never kill you but they'll cast you out

your mothers kissing your dog's lips
your baby brothers got a mouth full of shit
your dad is screaming at a flashing screen
who the fuck are these people
what the fuck do they mean

loud, angry rock and roll confessions
will never save you from your senseless obsessions
deep inside your mind that tape will stubbornly rewind
and you may not ever be the same

did this just happen or did you do it
this tangled mass of bodies, you will never see through it
youll think, "did this just happen or did i do it"

they want to speak to your father
they want to know how you got this way
they want to hold you responsible
they want to first make sure thats okay

i still see some of the old freaks
the lies they still tell
little hiccups from hell
when they fall in with their
eyes all hanging from their sockets
hands reaching for the walls
but mine are in my pockets

i keep my brain on a heavy metal chain
swinging high above my head, and i'm proud to be insane
but when your wildest thoughts and addictions get stronger
whatever doesn't kill you only takes you longer

i laughed--stunned, nervous, and afraid
at the places they'd gone
all the things i'd made
my trash bags of love, how i threw them on the street
to watch them float like balloons quickly out of reach

now here come the lions
with their teeth torn out
their claws removed
and their eyes half closed

and they're gnawing on my legs
and scratching at my feet
and i'm hoping that their anger
will put them to sleep

when you've dried your eyes, but your skin still weeps
you should make a plan and ride it off to sleep
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