Lyrics to Cisco Kid
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That's chapter 1, would you like to have chapter 2? You better you son of a bitch, I know the way.

Here's adventure, here's romance, here's the famous Robbin Hood of the old west.
Cisco, the sheriff, he's getting closer!
Make way Poncho, vominous.
The Cisco Kid.

Way, way, way back days, the year, 1983.
had to get a job, had to make some mon-ne-ne.
Picked up a pen and a pad, drops reality.
Never thinking that I would live to see the day I rocked my own CD.
We used to do the dance we called wobie-wobie.

Now S.T.P. 1993, so Hollywood get out my way.
My mom's words seems like yesterday, "Love Jesus, don't forget to pray."
She most have gone with the boss D.J. Right?

(Don't be too sure of that fat one. Fat one?)

Next thing you know, skinny coming with the 9mm.
'Cuz he who has the money has the authority,
and respect to the man with the oz.

(I'm pretty handy with a six gun myself)

The 808 kit is on my hitlist,
and this beat's cooking like a piped out bliss.
It wasn't hard to do, it so easy.
Because to me loops come naturally.
Mom's words seem like yesterday. (COUGH)

(What's your name? Cisco Kid. Si. Poncho's name is, Poncho.)

And now in '94 we got an S.T.P.,
a half pack of smokes, and oh yes, aunt Bea.
A fifteen pack of Old Milwaukee.
A Dalmation and a girlfriend, but I ain't got no mon-ne-ne-ne.
The 808 is within my reach,
Sublime beats are comin' straight from Long Beach.
If you think that hollywood didn't get what he deserved,
call 808 kid to get served

There's always some hombre that can't resist swapin' lead,
just to see if their faster with the six gun than Cisco is.

They'll only find out Cisco is fastest.

Well that don't stop 'em from tryin' Poncho, like Slade here,
he fancys himself as fast on the draw as a quarter-horse takin' after a stray.

What's the matter? Can't the Cisco Kid talk for himself? Is that how you
got your reputation Cisco, By havin' your partner build you up?

I make no claim to a reputation senior, and no one has to talk for me.
The Cisco Kid, heh, the kid part fits you from the way you act.
I've meet with your kind before.
You a foolish hombre if you think he will not fight you.
Your making big talk for an hombre who won't fight.
You are wrong Slade, I'll fight you any place, any time. If there is a good reason.
Well here's a fist full of reasons!
Now you two quit that.
Just as soon as I finish off this Cisco Kid.
You are the one that is finished you faggot.
Way to go Cisco. Is that a good punch?
all right you two, that's enough, let him alone Cisco.
I won't forget this Cisco, I'll take this up with you another time.
Any time hombre, I'd be glad to accommodate you.
I'll make it soon Cisco.
Shut up cash, keep your mouth shut.

Thats what I mean, Cisco, you attract trouble like a fiddler attracts a
square dance, you understand why I don't want you staying in this town?

Do not worry sheriff...
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