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Lyrics to Cirrhosis Of The Heart
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cirrhosis of the heart
the horse before the cart
forclose before you start
to tear apart
and make those promises

no thematic posturing or supposing in the head
where do you get off implying that i should be in bed?

so set up another chaser
show me youre the real speed racer
what a difference a day could make
youve put yourself in danger
like an orphan power ranger
so youd best be good for goodness' sake

doo doo doo doo doo doo

just relax now
the time has come to watch our backs now
dont deny it
never knock it til you try it
open wide and feel the tasting
....and enjoy....

still hungover
from the night of a thousand kisses
still mistaken
you keep callin close calls near misses
near forgotten
dim remembrance pains me greatly
always waitin
but the schedule plan must hate me

floatin gently,feelin lightheaded
prostate on the floor
stirring up selective amnesia
memories no more
every braincell seems to shortcircuit
spots before the eyes
payin interest on premature demise...

cirrhosis of the heart
will tear your soul apart
of the heart
dont blow before you start

so set up another chaser
show me your the real speed racer
and its getting more and more absurd
youve put yourself in danger
like an orphan power ranger
worry seems to be the final word
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