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Lyrics to Circles Of The Oath
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[1st verse:]
I stand in the center of the summit sphere
I wait for the sound of the clouted bell - the warning sign

This vagueness has not been named,
Yet I see hands which testify the vow
Exposing the uncalled, unknown and unsettled

My destinies marked!

I confirm vigor of the Wise by stealth
With this spell, non-foul, creating combustion
I form the glow
Of the Oath, circles are blood and birth renewed
How keen the free star prevails - a strike of thrust
I forever reach

I seek doubled chains of Orgia's durableness!


I'm told by the garlanded that Atu and Tiphareth...
I'm told by the conquering they remain introducing:

The mentors of the Above
The forgers that speak Below
The savants of the Numbers
The solders of the Circuits

Aeons tenable
Mark my words
Of the oath
Treasures to the stone
Hear my lead
In the oath

[Repeat decree]
[Repeat 1st verse]
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