Lyrics to Circles
Circles Video:
Come into me
I wanna swallow every lie
I don't care if it's wrong or right
A black silhouette follows me around

You say you stumble
Blinded through life
I think it's all
In your head sometimes
You search for one
Good hand to call your own
You want four walls
To name home

Just in and out again
Just a quick stop
I'll be here waiting
Watching my posture drop
Is life pretty to you
Or just pretty fucked up
When will you hit the bottom
Or reach the top

Well here comes a cold man hammering a nail
Here comes a sad girl with broken sails
And here comes a flood raining from my eyes
Because I can't turn things around
I can't stop time
Yeah, you know what it is
You know it's the law
Of all things devilishness that keeps you
Tied to the wheel that goes round and round and round

Come follow me
Out of the dark
We either do this now
Or we don't do it at all
The circles closed
The chance is gone
I'd like to stop
I'm all you've stopped
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