Lyrics to Circled A's
Circled A's Video:
The love I found has left me nailed to these walls
an ornament of discontent, a raindrop caught in its fall
but there's a choice for me to make and there's a curse for me to break

preconceived notions of staying on top forcing my gears to a screeching stop
making me question the virtues of truth and of creative absolutes

a slow progress into a stream of meaning
as I profess my interest it all seems less demeaning
but that's a choice that I have made to elevate beyond my grade

so you can go ahead and write your songs of broken hearts for teenage girls
with notebooks full of scribbled words and circled A's yeah
I can continue to aspire to remain true to the thought I knew of
something less repulsively regurgitated

I can paint myself in a corner of pretension set to bend my minds back
to the point of breaking at the slightest hint of being inadequate, inept,
insipid, incoherent uninspired, worn and tired, preaching to a weary choir
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