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People sitting on a train, Funny how they look the same Sitting on the Circle Line, Just going round and round and round. Hello, hello London town, You're so busy just going round - In comes a beggar and you'll move away - Don't touch he's the underground. Sloane Square, Edgware, we all go there, Somewhere, nowhere like Euston Square. I won't get lost, I won't get lost this time - It's Hyde Park corner for the Serpentine. In comes a busker playing a tune ... Sing of love, of love, of love ... Say the words that we don't have On this no smile no time Circle Line. So this is swinging London town, We're hanging on to iron bars - We swing, we swing, we swing like apes, Going round and round and round ... So this is swinging London town, Really glad I made it down Going round I'm just going round Sitting on the Circle Line.

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