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Lyrics to Cia Haunted Headquarters
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I'm told you had to be here three hours ago
But I've got no signal from you...
I can't remember the sound of your voice...
We need that recorded message.
Maybe you're already around this area...
But no way to see any trace of you, I repeat.
We didn't give up, I'm still here
And the others are waiting for some infos, close to "25".

Try to communicate with me by using "the other" language
Although I'm not so experienced in decoding it.
I'm afraid I might lose you forever.
This would be the end of everything.
My room by the Invisible Front
Is to be left soon. -They- call it "glaciation room".
Your message must be immediately spread
Talk to me now, because in a few hours
They will find my shadow... no doubt.

We're using this album to make you know our exact location
Please, contact me/us immediately at 4-260063-942525 EU.
There's no more time...
I can see the "other face" on the horizon.

No one remained...
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