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Lyrics to Christmas In Heaven
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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It's truly a real honourable experience to be here this evening. A very wonderful and warm and emotional moment for all of us. And I'd like to sing a song for all of you.

It's Christmas in Heaven,
All the children sing,
It's Christmas in Heaven,
Hark hark those church bells ring.

It's Christmas in Heaven,
The snow falls from the sky..
But it's nice and warm and everyone
Looks smart and wears a tie.

It's Christmas in Heaven,
There's great films on TV..
"The Sound of Music" twice an hour
and "Jaws" I, II, and III.

There's gifts for all the family,
There's toiletries and trains..
There's Sony Walkman
Headphone sets
And the latest video games!

It's Christmas It's Christmas in heaven
Hip hip hip hip hip hooray,
Every single day,
It's Christmas day.
Songwriters: Idle, Eric / Jones, Terry
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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