Lyrics to Christina
Christina Video:
another cold and rainy night
wish i could set you free
when i see you on the tv
tempting guys like me
my genie in a bottle
but i cant rub you the right way
cause im alone in boxer shorts
and your so far away

ill give you what a girl wants
it could be just like my dreams
but youve got my record deal
and your only 17

christina christina
if i could only meet ya
christina christina
wont you be my girl
christina christina
forever i would love ya
christina christina

watch the micky mouse club
and i saw you as a kid
imagine growing up with you
the things we couldve did
from playing house and candy land
to walking through the part
we'd get drunk at the viaduct
and make out in my car

i know im not a rock star
so you'll never look my way
but maybe if you haer my song
you'll come to me someday
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