Christianity Vs.sanity Lyrics


Outside Of Calamity

Lyrics to Christianity Vs.sanity
Christianity Vs.sanity Video:
Who are you - to look at me and think you know something more?
like you've been let in - on some big secret no one's heard before
hand over - surrender, conform to our idea
don't question - our intentions, we just wanna set you free

one question still remain; who are you, and who do you think you represent?
2000 years ago a man was born and you still think he was from heaven sent?

so why do you - need commandments, just to learn to act like men?
just an excuse to - place all beyond you and not have to make amends

yeah, sure, he's listening to you... do you really think that it is true?
I hold no prejudice against you but do you really think that he defends you?
I'd sure like to live with your conviction, guaranteed to live on without afflictions
I guess I'm just too smart to live and die in a lie
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