Lyrics to Christ On A Pyramid
Christ On A Pyramid Video:
God sets signs and wonders1
In Egypt to this day
So we know the truth2
That science took astray
At the Triumphant capital3
The suburb called Giza4
Lays a beautiful pyramid
That must be marked with chalk5
The Lord said: Jeremiah6
Behold the days will come
That I will raise unto David
a righteous Branch who won
a King shall reign and prosper
and shall fulfill in earth
to execute the justice
when Iunu's born again7
And in the day five cities
Mourn about oppression
there shall be an altar
An altar to the Lord
In the midst of Egypt
And after their sad loss
It's also at the border
To witness the Lord of Hosts
And it did because of Jesus
Who has once had said to them
Didn't you read the scriptures8
About the rejected stone
This is what Gods doing
It has become the stone
The head of the altar
The sacrifice once born
The one who sent the salter9
will soon return without falter10
(And he is not masonic!)

1 Jer.32:20, 2 Dr. K. Hovinds seminars on creation, 3 Egyptian dictionary translates Caïro with Triumphant, 4 Encyclopedia about the history and setting of Giza; pyramid 20 km southwest of central Cairo, 5 Chalk of All-Gizah is a taboo, inscriptions and hallways prophesy all great religions. 6 Jeremiah 23:5, 7 Isaiah 19 (back then: Heliopolis, city of the sun and later mentioned as 'On'.) 8 Matt: 21:42 9 Matt.: 5:13, Hand: 2:3-4, 10 Matt: 24:30, John 14:3

(Thanks to Jasper for these lyrics)
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