Lyrics to Choose Your Poison
Choose Your Poison Video:
(Bitches, bitches, bitches, mutherfuckers)


I say hey now c'mon ya'll
If there's money in your pocket
And your walkin tall
make your way to the bar
And get your poison chose
And drink it old school style
In your B-Boy pose

I get off Madd flows
Like a pack of eskimo's
On the dog sled in the blizzard
Cause I'm the wizard of (oz)
Ah, Shit I'm gonna wreck ya set
And you stepin to me is just an emty threat
Something I cant sweat
Kid, you never see my worry
I've never been caught
But my hands may be dirty
5 years from 30
Come check my age
If ya cant pop
Simply turn the page
And I'll engage
Wit that kid thats been swiftless
Stickin to the roof of your mouth like some chippin
Peanut butter
Ya know know my style's butter
Cause every word I utter
Rock's the sky's from the gutter
I make ya shudder
When I rock your soul
I do dames the way I like
I get mike's controlled
Well if ya get bold
Well then ya get bit
Cause your knowlege is a trick
Kid, It's makin me sick

Chorus (x 3)

I'm Danny Boy
With the Hard Core style
I'll punch you suckers in the mouth like a root canal(Root Canal!)
You get me started and I'm hard to stop
I got 45 caliburs ready to pop
And when I pop off
You drop off
You get blown out the frame
Cause the more shit change
The more things stay the same
And I got no respect for your area
>From Brooklyn to Dublin
I keep your ass fumblin'
Cause I'm the fuckin ball busta
Brooklyn heart breaker
House of Pain pimp money maker

Chorus (x 2)

I got rhymes finese
I got rhymes galore
I got rhymes for peace
I got rhymes for war
I got rhymes for heads
I got rhymes for skins
I got rhymes
Kid your crew aint got no wins
So step up if you wanna get your head cracked
Run up if you wanna get your skull knocked
Play the hard rock baby get your ears boxed
I'll kill you all
Just like I was the small pox
I'll kill ya livestock
just like I was anthrax
Come see me live
Then crazy like the Band Sax

Chorus (x 2)
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