Lyrics to Choke
Choke Video:
Vision awake
I'll try someday, vision, is okay.....
V.O.D., for all my boys
V.O.D., for all my friends,
V.O.D., for the enemies,
you shall fall.
Time and time again, you've respected me,
time and time again, you've rejected me,
time and time again, with consistency,
time and time again...
So stand for yourself,
one time in your life just stand for yourself.
Vision of Disorder coming straight for your face,
straight for your face...
Choke, you choke, Jesus Christ you beg for?
Songwriters: McTernan, Brian / Warning, Corey / Kennedy, Matt / Sauer, Maxwell Andrew / Wuestenberg, Jared Nathan / Moore, Tim
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group, BUG MUSIC
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