Chocolate And Bliss Lyrics

Wes Roberts

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Lyrics to Chocolate And Bliss
Chocolate And Bliss Video:
Let's take a walk
To the end of the world
We'll cast out a line
And hope to stir

The pot, Babe
Getting to your head yet?
We're setting up to fall down
We're saving to get spent

Chocolate and bliss Babe,
Nothing coming close yet
I'll surely let you in, Hon
But only If we stay friends

This is my winning head start
This is when I begin to fall apart

It's the best when
You're holding my hand
In your summer's dress
With those beads on your wrist

Watchin the tide race in
Your beating heart thins
As you tread close to my lips

And every moment takes me there
And every second leaves me wanting more

And when you're rising over that hill
You'll light up the world, my dear.
And when you're laying to sleep, the moon
Leaves a light on for me.
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