Lyrics to Chitty Bang
Chitty Bang Video:
i kill mcs like m.i.b.s aliens with more mafia tacticsthan an alliance of italianslyrical expert that's my word and i kick itkill your double platinum album with one fuckin' snippetillmat!c greek like alexander the greatmcs listen to my rhymes and styles and masturbateand i come off flash your ass like electricsblast this my raps make you go home and practicefuck your edit now you set it and you want beefi snatch your fuckin' mic and smash your front teethmy speech is deadly melody i serve shit in heavy dosesdas efx concert that's where i met mosesnow is my time to shine and i shine brightsmoke mcs on the mic so pass me the lightthat's right 3p that's my clique and we wreck itand we're still number one solo or connectedchorus:this is the waythe way that we playthis is the waychitty bang bang bangthis is the waythe way that we playeach and every daychitty bang bang bang(play on playa)my flow blows like lewinski without a break or commercialnosferat you like kinski cuz my style's universali pay more bills than clinton my rapflow is ultraa legend like lincoln but i stay alive like travoltait's over i can't stop the battle it`s inside mea lot of rappers don't like me but they're scared to death to fight menonforgetter headsplitter called illsince i roll with the p's i got the licence to killi'm still illmat!c aka chitty bangmy slang bang your eardrum like bombs of saddami make scream like wes craven drama like macbethand i will rock mics till my very last breathi got bitches in my livingroom gettin' it on andthey ain't leavin' till six in the morningi'm the type of mc smoke trees in the sandand i luv to luv to luv you like timbalandit's the diamond in a ruff puff my stuff incognitoplay deez wannabes like de niro in casinoel nino catastrophy rhymes cuz im up on thiswatch over you like superman over metropolisyour shit is played out that's why i make mcs meltverbal killa that's my title and my beltall your immature mcs full of imagesbanned in their own land of confusion like geneissyou're on the run now cuz you sell your souli bust your ass before you reached the highway patroli'm stonecold with no limit like mysticali can read your mind like my brain is paraphysicalthat's my area 51 you better hail maryforget your playstation you end in the cemeterydon't be skeptic accept it and get some rhyme witnessbefore my lyrical fitness destroy you with the quickness

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