Lyrics to Chinatown
Chinatown Video:
First day in the city
Nobody's waiting for me
I'm all alone

First floor in the building
A Chinese doctor operating
What's going on

Welcome to Chinatown

69 East Brodway
I'll be there, I'll be waiting
For your call

Welcome to Chinatown

I don't know why I came here but there's no turning back this time

I have this impression
Deep inside my bones
Looking gor the answer
But the answer doesn't come
In Chinatown

I have his impression
Crawling on my spine
You try to make it happen
But you never cross the line
In Chinatown

I have this impression
Walking all alone
Anything can happen
Though will I ever feel at home
In Chinatown

Welcome to Chinatown

(Merci à Nanouu pour cettes paroles)
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