Lyrics to Children
Children Video:
Don't worry you're forgiven for the pain that was given to me
When I was living through my middle school existence
The pain you inflicted, open wounds and hurt teeth, but not physically it was emotionally. All those times I walked past you would trip me and laugh
The whole class would join in call me names and treat me bad
I couldn't tell the teacher y'all made fun of me for that
The only way I'd escape was the computer at my pad
The internet games after school I was the man and when it came to Counterstrike and World of Warcraft
I had? a myspace with the friends that I had
These the little things in life that made me glad
But y'all ain't like me happy so you had to make me sad
Made a hate page about me with all kind of friends
The ? every day say they wish that I was dead
I made it come true, y'all should be happy that I left.

That was my escape from my reality that I hate
A place where I could go where my problems weren't the case
But because of y'all it was taken all away
Destroyed my well-being from an internet page
I remember that day when I asked Stacy for a date and she told me that she would then she kissed me on my face
Brought flowers to my school and she threw them in my face while my friends and classmates made a joke out of my ?
Recorded on their phones and put it on Youtube, showed the whole world the ? getting dissed by you
I know you found it funny cuz me and you are kids but the day I that I died you realized what you did
I know it's hard to swallow but there's another tomorrow
And I forgive you, you don't have to cry no longer
So when you have a daughter teach her about hurting feelings, but what did is what you have to deal with

You calling me a nerd, and all of those words
My life wasn't great but y'all ain't have to make it worse
And yea I know it hurts cuz you killed me with no weapons
Just because I was different y'all never showed affection
I just friends at the table I could eat lunch with
A girl I could be loving, some homies to go have fun with
Just a little something, wasn't asking for a lot
Only thing I asked this was y'all to ever ever stop
So do me a favor and never do it again
This goes for those kids who think they ain't got no friends
You think that nobody loves you, I'm telling you I care
Cuz the children can't be ? but these the grown-ups of the future
The children I believe in, the children that could out-do us
But that'll never happen ignoring what's going on
That's why I address it in these songs
For real dawg
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