Lyrics to Chicken Truck
Chicken Truck Video:
Well, it was mornin' when I left Alabama
It must have been 'round in mid July
I got behind a chicken truck from Georgia
And the feathers was a flyin' like snow out of the sky

I couldn't get the speed enough to pass him
And the smell was aw...getting close to me
And something keeps on messin' up my windshield
And the farther I go the harder it gets to see

Chicken truck chicken truck
Behind it I'm stuck
And chicken truck chicken truck
Was just my luck

Chicken truck on highway 65
Well, the hens are cluckin' and the roosters are a crowin'
He is slowin' me down when I need to keep goin'
Chicken truck on highway 65

When he slowed down and I then I got around him
On a big long hill just south of Tennessee
He had a box of of KFC on the dashboard
He was eatin' fried chicken and a throwin' the bones on me


Chicken truck
Behind it I'm stuck
On highway 65
Chicken truck
On highway 65
It's just my luck
Chicken truck
Songwriters: Parker, Ervan / Fields, Monroe / Anderson, John Vernon
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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