Lyrics to Cheyenne
Audible pop in the hammock
Gravity comes outta habit
Land on our back, get your breath kidnapped
Ain't a kind of theft if you laugh whenever you can inhale

I wanna lay
Right here with you
For the whole day
Don't wanna move till you say we should

Our tub is clawfoot
God, our love is all good
Naked with no falsehood
I can see you just fine
God, you're fine too
Tell me if I'm out of line

You just twist so easily
How you stretch when waking up, ooh-wee
Trouble is that anyone seeing all that
They might die
What a way to go, wouldn't mind

You like the C10 hood vibration
And a country FM station

Audible poppin' of static
Bang on the dash outta habit
Baby, if I hurry I can make Cheyenne
Reason that I'm going's on the other hand

Mile upon mile, radio dialing
Chevrolet Novocain riding
Feeling our feelings on an island
Good timing

And then I park the truck
But I leave it running
You know something's up
I, I wrap my fingers round your throat
I feel your neck pop, lights go out

Then I wake on the ground
Tangled up in strings
Birds above me singing
Hammock all in pieces
You're awake there beside me
Saying, "Darling, are you crying?"