Lyrics to Cherry Cordial
Cherry Cordial Video:
Here again, you're a vagabond delight
I wish you'd make up your mind
Just as fast and as vague as a blizzard,
You're a freaky little Valentine
Snap shots in the ice
In the ice
Sugar vice
In the dim, dim light

You never offer more than if
Just what is it you cant deal with?
You can take me under, sight unseen
Cordial like you've always been

Stock common response
Steeped in red hots,
Your atomic cool always does me in
Icy red, silver shiver, cold fusion
You're a potent little medicine
Snap shots in the ice
In the ice
Thinking twice;
Staying in for the night


Heart beats
Cinnamon sweet
Turns the blood to candy in my veins
Your ambiguous star-frozen fire
Shocks the scars; shocks the stains
Snap shots in the ice
In the ice
Ain't it nice when the shock remains?
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