Lyrics to Cherish The Dead
Cherish The Dead Video:
Hoes and chains and swangin thangs
Just another young nigga havin thangs, mayn

Look at me glow like the Virgin Mary birthing the Messiah
Frozen in time
Hoe I shine like a lightbulb made out of all diamonds
Me and Christ in all black smoking violent
Hope I'm dying
Hope I'm overdosing
I can hear violin strings, but inside my casket it's silent
Bitch I'm on an island turning maggots into assets
Smiling as I'm burning planets into ashes
Fucking worth it if you ask me
Fuck your status hoe
Bitch I'm guessing I'm correcting my depression
End up in a hole

Bitches try to fuck me like my name was the Weeknd
I be that gold tooth mother fucker steady bleeding and leaking
I'm never sleeping only drinking some codeine cuz I'm fiending
I might just go and fuck your bitch and tell that hoe to go tweet it
Ruthless when I'm swangin on them 20's like I'm Weezy
Ain't on no TV but I'm stunting like my name was BG
The Hot Boys resurrected with the Triple 6
$uicide till they nail me on the crucifix
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