Lyrics to Cheerleader
Cheerleader Video:
Look at me, what you see
Is everything that you can't have, you can't feel

I'm better than a million Britneys
A million cheerleaders
I am much better than you can handle now
Look at me, lust for me, you know you'll have me
Wanting me, needing me

Look at you, what you do
Thinking that you're someone cool, someone new

Think again
You're stupidly arrogant, thinking I want you
Well the only girls you get can't keep their legs shut anyway
When I am gone I'll move on, you'll be sat there
Wanking over me (hopefully not)

Look at me, what you see
Is someone who is happy, have what they need

Dressing like a slut is so stupid
You'll never find love
You'll get crabs over and over and over and over
Follow your heart from the start
Don't obssess over me
Look at you, look at you, look at you
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