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That Hideous Strength


Lyrics to Cheer Up, Charlie...Just Be Glad
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So what now? I never meant to be someone who loses faith so fast and willing.
For you...that's what these phrases mean
Someone to call you back to what you were
Just trying to find my way.
All the more (insecure)
And what I feel is not my own. Are you wrong?
Some bullshit illusion
(Does it feel the same...)
Down back
(...when no one can hear you?)
(Do you know the way that I felt alive?)
What you know...
(From the back of the room I am calling in silence.)'s wrong and in the end it's all a lie.
Call me out and it just doesn't feel the same
In your way of speaking I'll wait till dawn then, love, allow me to suffer your name.
Towards words your act of contrition is a matter of time
and the way that I spoke was a meaning in life and the words that I write
is a tell tale heart it's a way that I fell for your art
Try to hold me back now I'm raw and you've dropped it all right there.
Wake up from your bullshit illusion I am never coming home
Found a matter of speaking I am never coming home
So tuck yourself away from the loss
I am never coming home
Into rooms of my mind
It's a recognized sign
I am never coming home
Wait till dawn
Burn by and surrender your weakness
The walls that I had, from my hands they were built
Well I did what I can... can you blame me for sound?
In a miserable heart there were sounds from your soul and your eyes they were windows...
they were closed for you.
For you they were gone and I know this was loss at its heart

(Thanks to john for these lyrics)
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