Cheeky Alien Dream Lyrics

Kirlian Camera

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Lyrics to Cheeky Alien Dream
Irasible and cruel she dances inside you.
Not knocking she gets cheery and cheeky in your mind.
In frozen nites she runs across your same old dreams
on stunning hight heels.
In every dream now there's your blood.
Floating she moves safe not looking around.
Merciless she keeps an eye on her side-preys.
---Cheeky Alien Dream---
Naughtily through your tears she grows.
Cinically through your fears she walks.
---Cheeky Alien Dream---
Luna, Mars and Venus, many lands to destroy
Jupiter and Deimos, many as if they were dull toys.
Floating and laughing around she runes across your old dreams.
Floating and circling around she keeps an eye on her preys.
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