Lyrics to Cheating On Me
Cheating On Me Video:
I can't believe what I saw you doing with him
I can't believe it's happening to me. I usually see these type of
Things on TV. Who would ever think my best friend?
Did you think you would get away with it?
We had your plan all figured out
Yes we did and now you're to blame and you're goin down baby

You were cheatin on me (you were cheatin on me)
Did it have to be my best friend?
Girl you tried to play me (girl you tried to play me)
Baby baby baby we'll be friends until the end

You tried to play me against my best friend
You told him things you would tell your man
You had me fooled for a little while baby
We were never meant to be.
Said you were different from all the rest
And girl you tried to sex my best friend
And you pretended that you're only with me
And at the same time you was messing around with my homey

[Chorus x2]

Oh why why why did you try to play me when you were my baby
What what what are you gonna do, now I'm through
You were the one who cheated on me baby
You were the one who went and did me wrong
You were the one who tried to play me in my home babe
Now you're the one who's sittin at home

[Chorus: until end]
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