Lyrics to Cheat Death
Cheat Death Video:
It set a motion and there's no going back.
And there's no hope. No hope to cling to.
We watch the world as it falls in on itself.

Can't cheat death, it's coming at you.
The end times are near.

Some will say the end is coming,
some will say that's it's here.
But there's only one thing for certain.
Locked inside our souls are shaking with fear.

(Chorus two)
We can't cheat death it's waiting fo rus.
The end times are near.

No Gods will save you,no hell will have you.
We've entered the end, and we can't cheat death.
It's the look of defeat as we face our demise,
just one wrong turn and we're gone.
We can't cheat death.

No Gods will save you, no hell will have you.
Cheat Death
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