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Lyrics to Cheap Salvation
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[Music and lyrics by Balázs Jurásek]

I never wanted to be a part of it
You never asked me if I'm still doin' all right
You were so blind

You taught me a lesson and I'm still rehearsing it
I tried to find a simple answer that night
But I was lame in my mind

Sweet voices, more excuses
Damn, it took too long
You ate me, tasted me
And spit me out

Tonight the smoke did clear
I saved my soul in the easiest way
I stay till I dive deep
It's the only place where salvation's cheap

I had no money for the cheapest aeroplane
Believe me I would surely stay in the clouds
To be lost and not found

Just like that guy I would spread my wings and fly
But I'm not Sammy and I ain't no bird so I stay
At the Emerald Bar

I won't be chasing your dreams that made me sick
Being with you poisoned my days
I won't be waiting for yesterdays to come
Just one more drink that's the ultimate way
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