Charlotte By The Shore Lyrics

Sophie Zelmani


Lyrics to Charlotte By The Shore
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She's going to call you
she knows when it's time
She'll have the scarf on
the one that's golden and shiny

She's going to tell you
her words of the day
You won't be ready
for what she will say

She's going to hold
your blue eyes in her brown
Now like all that she want
let you look down

Her name is Charlotte
my Charlotte by the shore
She isn't here now
she doesn't breath anymore

I remember the first time
when I was down on my knees
She was a woman who could stand
anyone on their feet

She was the Charlotte
the Charlotte by the shore
I can't wait to see you
but she's not seen anymore

She'sn't going to let you
say goodbye
She's just sayin' she
will be away for a while
But we all know that she left us
for all time

My Charlotte
she's not here anymore
We still search for her
the ways upon the shore

(Thanks to Lars Berg for these lyrics)
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