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Lyrics to Charlie Sheen Interlude
Charlie Sheen Interlude Video:
[Charlie Sheen:]
I just have a different constitution, a different brain, a different heart!
A different... you know? I've got Tiger Blood, man!
Good start. It's a good start.
[Male Reporter:] It's a good start! The first win?
[Charlie Sheen:]
I am bi-winning! I win here and I win there, now WHAT?
Let's just do it! Let's meet this thing head on.
And you're, you're in it to win it.
Talk about an education... and they're like:
"This... and then that's the guy, and he's our dad, we can...
Get all the answers and the truth? Wow! WINNING! "
You're either winning or you're losing, there's NOTHING in between!
[Male Reporter:] How do you plan on winning that war?
[Charlie Sheen:]
Uuuhm... with, with zeal. And, and focus.
And, and... violent... hatred!
Just let's do it, yeeaah! You know?
Good luck! You're gonna need it. I'll be over here like... winning!
Uuuhm... come Wednesday mornin' they gonna rename it... to... Charlie Brothers, not Warner Brothers!
Hahh! Duh... winning!
[Male Reporter:] Winning in what sense?
[Charlie Sheen:] Just winning, just bein' happy! Just livin'...
[Male Reporter:] Because some would say... that you're defeated now!
[Charlie Sheen:]
Uhm... they can say that, but what kinda car are they driving?
What kinda girls are in their home? Hahh!
I said "girls"!
I'm gonna live my life the way I want. I'm a win inside of every moment! And uh...
And they can just find... the most comfortable... chair in their... small house, and uh...
Sit back and enjoy the show!
[Male Reporter:] I'm sorry?
[Charlie Sheen:]
Winning! Startin' to get the concept now?
Oops! Winning!
It's often times unknown but occasionally, you know?
A giant... marquis name comes through on your caller ID and it's like winning! [echoes]
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