Lyrics to Charades.
Charades. Video:
I'm all dressed up in my finest attitude

Pretending I don't care.

Guess I really messed up by trying to be two,

When only one heart can be there.

Why can't I be just what I am,

And speak my love without any shame?

Why can't she see what I am,

Is a costumed fool trapped in a tragic game?

Charades and pretty lies

They hide what's deep inside me.

Charades do disguise

All the love I keep inside me.

Charades! Can't see me,

But can you feel the real me,

The real me behind my charades?

Oh, please don't mind me,

Performing at my hardest

As I paint upon the air.

You won't find me

Cause it's a portrait of the artist

As a man who isn't there.


Can't you feel the real me,

Behind my charades?

Have I lost the real me,

Behind my charades?
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