Lyrics to Chaoticide
let's drop the high-class fronts
amd step right to the hardcore
this is straight fom the mouth
of the white trash sub-humane
brotherhood of the Western MA
East coast boasts host
to the hardest motherfuckers
and we'll burn you like toast

so step right back to your place
that's right
and stay out of my face
cuz I'm another proven head case

let's start the night life right
with three sixes down
and save another for the post show
preperation for the 18 plus crowd
my men are ready and it's gonna be loud

That's right
I think you'll find
If this once was yours
than what's left is mine
we're breaking the system
out from the inside

push straight through the crowd
just like a freight train
claiming our space with haste
so we can start the pain
it's gotta be destructive
so we can be constructive
breaking down social walls so we can unite
like one for all

souls twisted like a slipknot
if you're in the way you're gonna take a shot
with no pause
when we're on the floor
the shock is only half the cause


Left to right
feel the beat drop to your knees
everyone is a victim
so if you want to get some
step into the mix
so we can detect that you're hardcore
and ready for some more
we won't rest untill your body's on the fucking floor

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