Lyrics to Chaotic
You might say
That I get chaotic
Every time he's there
Every time he is around

Yes I would say:
That it's quite a good diagnosis
I'm fanatic schizophrenic
He doesn't even know I'm there

You tell me
That I'm too romantic:
Every time he's there
Every time he's at the door

But I say:
That it is not at all platonic
You will say it's anachronistic
But yesterday I touched his hair

Again I'm stuck in my chair
Watching angels in the air:
He's talking to me now
And I can barely hear a sound

Hey girl, come on, wake up now
To his lips only one step
Take a breath and grab his neck
From a kiss no one ‘s dead

OK, I don't know what I should say
Concentrate and be authentic
Just avoid being pathetic

Who knows why
I find him so magnetic
Every time he's there
Every time he passes by

But who knows:
Maybe he is not that perfect
Academic, egocentric
And manic I suppose...

Why him...
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