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Lyrics to Changing Colors
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Calling it quits, another dead day in the city
Where all the good things have come to pass
Dry lightning's got your
Kid frightened, you've been
Uptight and hold a fistfight in your mind
Now she's headed for the quick fix, kicking fast

Well, I was moving on my toes
When they were grooving in the street
So I've been changing all my clothes
For the slight chance we ought to meet

Johnny Walker, please
Can't you feed my needs?
I'm walking on my knees planting weeds
And seeing the forest for the trees
My heart is thinning fast
I doubt that it'll last
Or all of this will pass as her laugh
Ricochets in my empty glass

I'm hating the season's changing colors
The basic way it shifts so fine
I've carved myself in stone
And when they find my bones
They'll decide I didn't try
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