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Lyrics to Change the World
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change will come / it always does / but why should we / give up our love / for the romance / of guilt and lust / change will come / no matter what / there's not much we / can do not much / and how can we / claim to make progress / when it makes us / just as much / the way is hard / and long and steep / through all the lives / with no time to grieve / each moment goes / away all day / and then the day / is too taken / and the way is long / and hard for you and me / hating ourselves / and everything / the small city / where I grew up / was better with / the vacant lots / though filled with trash / and broken glass / I don't mind the cuts / just the middle class / but their new houses / will turn to dust / oh change will come / it always does / I love to watch / it's wonderful / the children grow / and watch it go

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