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Ian Gillan

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Lyrics to Change My Ways
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The cold war's over
The hot one's just begun
From the shivers to the fever
Could be too much sun

If a thing's worth doing
It's worth doing well
But if we don't get moving
We'll be roasting in hell

I've got to change my ways

In the house of dereliction
In the world of neglect
No one gives a bit about
What happens next

Reaching terminal velocity
Going out with a bang
Time to fill my pockets
Gonna take what I can

I've got to change my ways

If the truth be told
But then on the other hand
It's gonna get twisted
Any way you stand

Honesty's a virtue
Or so they say
That's a damn fool notion
Like a sense of fair play

I've got to change my ways

I bare my soul
Though I'm naturally shy
There's no point living
If I'm living a lie

I've had my share
Of disappointment and pain
But, I never felt the need
To point the finger of blame

I've got to change my ways
Songwriters: IAN GILLAN
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