Lyrics to Change
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[Hook: Eearz]
I just wanna change, you just wanna change
When that money came, all these hoes just changed
Talkin' 'bout 4 range, pulled up in them things
Seein' on them thangs, blowin' out the brains
I just want some change, that new Mulsanne
And the window wings, Alexander Wang
Bitch I'm Charlie Sheen, bitch I got the game
I just want some change, hey you wanted change

[Verse 1: Eearz]
I just made my lane, I just lost my brains
[?] lost the brains, I just caught a diamond
Give my jewel a shinin', I'm just kickin' flavor
I ain't even rhymin', this watch an OT
I can't tell no time and
Then I got us the stuff, I'm like, "Fuck nigga, what?"
Nigga tellin' me that he gon' go to the trunk
He ain't got no time, I already got mine
Once he turn his back, put holes in his spine
But that bitch nigga turn up
But that bitch nigga turned up
And never get [?] in my cup
40 took on me, I've been goin' through some changes
Tell me to drop my tool, don't know my situation


[Verse 2: Eearz]
Measure up [?]
Porsche, put in the stable
Power moves at the table
Paid the cost to be the boss
Ben Franks, you see me tossin'
Split the check just like an offerin'
[?] passed away
Shit changin' every day
Kickin' doors and sellin' caine
What it take to make a change?
Put a price up on your head
Nigga you just worth some change
Used to sleep up on the floor
I ain't have no fuckin' change
Now the crib so big
Find me on the other wing
[?] where I started
Some changes I made was the hardest
Think I'm weak? Lil bitch I've been the hardest
Drownin' in dirt, gave a nigga a polish
Was a dealer slangin' narcotics
My cheese green, not cottage
Shouts out to me, not the stylist
I dress myself, I'm the proudest

[Bridge: Eearz]
Now listen I'm too real
Can't change on nobody
She got them ass shots
Spend change on her body

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