Lyrics to Chance
Chance Video:
Are there second chances? I guess we'll never know.
Will you know what it feels like to have kids, or grow old?
Will you start a family where your at today?
Can you even hear me, now that you've passed away?
Will I ever see you at those pearly gates?
Will I see you standing there...right there will you wait?
I've never seen you angry, and I've seldom seen you sad.
Your heart, your mind, your discipline...
You remind me of my Dad.

I never got to know you.
I never got to show you the way I felt about your personality.
But I still hope that one day I can see you face to face;
And tell you what you've done for me, Blessed me with your grace.

We don't have many memories, but I guess that will have to do.
Nothing can compare to the joy I found in you.
The love that you have shown us we'll always keep in mind.
Your parents sure are proud of the legend left behind.

To all of our fights and quarrels, we need to make amends.
We all can make an effort to becoming best of friends.
When every presents opened and every songs been sung;
We all still need to pay respects to the athlete dying young.

I don't understand why you had to go
13 stickers on every window.
memories of You found in a number
one-three is all I see... one-three is all I see...
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