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(*talking*) Better get it resolved nigga, (get it resolved baby) Better get it resolved nigga, (you got a problem) It's your's truly, Chamillionaire the Mixtape Messiah In here with DJ Smallz, Man On Fire I got th streets mayne If I don't got it, then I'm comin to get it (I know you hating) But it's cool I got some'ing for that, October 4th "The Sound of Revenge", that's what it is pimp [Intro] I know you hate, cause I'm the man on fire Other known, as the Mixtape Messiah I know you hate, the colored diamonds I'm rocking Top drop, chameleon paint flip-flopping I know you hate, the way I got my do' Hate when they tell you, I'm about to blow Now they asking, why we hate each other Niggaz hate niggaz fake, so I keep it gutter [Chamillionaire] Rapper I think not, like Thugger man I ain't heard of that The album dropping, sign on the wall gon say refer to plaques Don't talk to me, nigga move around as I turn the Lac Hop out and I watch how that console, on that wood sturn detach The public love it, cause base say you don't deserve the tracks Accapella never ever ever, done said a word of fact Go find the damage, and it punched and inserted that Send 'em back to pro-tool school, you go and learn to rap Present is what it is, and that means that it ain't no turning back You can bleach your shirt, if you white then it ain't no turning black But listen close, cause it prolly didn't occur to that cat That he can see me and easily beef, I serve him that I don't spit that murder rap, rapping wise I murder cats Lyrical plack, better wipe it off like you had some dirt attached Rapping guys, need to realize when they turn the rap Book page look mayne, get it popping it's like the Cornel's back It's Koopa, still take home the trophy with no assist Ain't none of 'em on my level, and now you just noticed this Now you just know they pissed, when you say who the thoedest is Getting mad and they throw a fit, get mad and I throw my fist I don't lose sleep for haters, I won't be up later When Ron Cizzle getting paper, I won't be no hater Movie Festival, I'm watching "How To Be A Player" But then it changed to what channel, "How To Be A Traitor" BKT to Ron C, Lil' Flip then me These traitors doing so much traiting, looks like they god damn flea Mark it but park it, while I tell you why these boys hate me Cause I'm exactly what these other suckers, just can't be And that's the truth baby, don't get me started again Cause this time the nail in the coffin, and I'm bombing on them Say my name on wax for me, wish your boy with a Tim' DJ's know that I'm bringing drama, like that Squad full of Pimps

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