Lyrics to Cernunnos
Cernunnos Video:
Beneath the sediment of aeons In ancient repose
My trust lay eroded by age The old glory faded
And past times forgotten My reign given way to my rage

Harmonious the centuries The land and I were one
My Soil My water, My air Bringer of light And Master of night
In balance The earth in my care

But with the passing of days A new wind came blowing
With whispers of change On its wing
This tide of corruption Laid siege to my world Usurping the throne of a King

Your new gods Your new ways All seek to dispel me
With doctrines of fear built on lies The hidden one no longer I claim my dominion
To the sun of your age I arise...

...Of your anger Your anger Your ignorance Your blindness Your greed
Your progress Your conquest Your mania Your need
Your sorrow Your sickness Your final, parting breath Your hatred Your bloodshed
Your future Your death I will have none I will have none I will have none I will have none

I, dread lord of shadows With broken spell unto this dying age I bid farewell...
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