Lyrics to Ceneca Winds
Ceneca Winds Video:
I can't love you still. I'm sorry.
Wilted petals of our beauty around now.
We judge our co-existence.

And we always said forever, would be the price that we would gladly pay.
But now things lost never to be found. Lover's learning while burning into the ground.
I have left this note in key, to unlock the doors in our paintings.

Spent days staring through my windows,
hungry for a taste of lips loving embrace.

My heart bled and I know will scar,
I know I can't take this one too far.
Before I say goodbye to you,
for my ambitious gain I love you.

You and I have taken too much too far.
From the bottom of my heart I love you.
However I will never look back for fear that
my sight will become fixed on what I left behind.
Please forgive me for all I have done.
Your words are poison in my ears,
You're the actualization of every single tear.

Will I ever find a love like ours again?
I ask myself if selfish was the path I chose.
I'll give you my forever just to open what was closed.
I've never felt this way, I just...I just don't know what to do anymore.
I need you, to hear these words from my soul now closed.
Ill scream a tune, But it'll never be you!
Oh God love you! I do!

(Thanks to Tyler for these lyrics)
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