Lyrics to Cellular Fusion
Cellular Fusion Video:
What's up?
What's going on?
Oh yeah
What when
No way
No way
Gotta go gotta tell like yesterday

I got news
Got news
Go ahead and speak!
Gotta pass it around Gabriella and Troy
Did what?
No way!
That's not our boy!

Pass it around
Now don't be slow
Gotta go gotta tell everybody I know!

I never heard it sung as half as good as Gabriella
Girl don't you care about the team?
Your friends? The game?
How could this happen?
(What'll Sharpay and Ryan do?)
They got a callback!
(What'll Sharpay and Ryan do?)
If this is one bit true I'll scream and SHOUT!

Sharpay: Is this some kind of joke? Troy and Gabriella didn't even audition!
Ryan: and they never even asked our permission to join the drama club! I mean come on!
Sharpay: Someone's gotta tell that new girl the rules!
Ryan: Right! What are the rules again?
Sharpay: Rule number 1: Pick the right clique!
2: Act like your clique!
3: Dress for your clique!
4: Know where your clique cliques!
And rule number 5: Stick to the status quo!
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