Lyrics to Cellar Door
Cellar Door Video:
I've played this scene in my head so many times that I could tell you your line.
You're so perfect in your imperfections
And so delicate in your motion.
And I see fear in your eyes
The secret to beauty is a scalpel
And Charm's in a bottle
That can be shattered in a moment your fear will last forever
As the wind blows through your hair
I'll tightly grasp onto your neck,
My breath to the beat of your pulse
I promise these cuts won't scar
This scarlet blood won't stain your pretty white dress but
You'd look so cute in red
Slashing Razorblades and love notes can touch my heart in so many ways
Don't be scared of my bloody outfit it stains with grace
Take my hand trust my smile
Close your lips shut your eyes
And scream
Let my warmth rekindle your latern so you can burn through the night you'll burn so bright
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